Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Earlier today Glenn Beck, speaking on the Fox News Network, said that our President is a racist, that he hates white people.

This would not only be a real surprise to the thousands of folks who stood with me on the campus of Penn State last year to listen to then-candidate Obama, but I'm pretty sure it would be a grave disappointment to the president's dear departed mother and grandmother.

But look; during the campaign it was not enough for Obama to disagree in public with remarks made by Pastor Wright; Obama had to denounce the Reverend in public and drop his church membership. It wasn't enough for Obama to disagree with Minister Farakhan (and will I ever live long enough to see the day when all black public figures are no longer required to express an opinion on Farakhan?), but he had to denounce and renounce the Minister using the precise words dictated by his white interlocutors.

So, here's what I propose (go ahead, call me a strategic essentialist). For the next two weeks, any white person who appears on television must be required to denounce Glenn Beck, renounce Beck's statement, and promise not to watch Fox News until Beck has been fired. A Republican congressman must introduce legislation denouncing Beck (and requiring him to produce his long-form, original birth certificate while we're at it.)

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tyrone said...

And renounce Palin, Bush, O'Reilly, Sgt. Crowley...