Friday, October 08, 2010


I imagine I am not the only one who did a triple take upon seeing an editorial by Dinesh D-Souza in this morning's WASHINGTON POST.

The first and second takes were gasps of disbelief; that the WASHINGTON POST had given space to D'Souza to push the vile inanities of his new book claiming that President Obama's father, long absent and long deceased, is "shaping his values and actions." Yes, that book. The one that caused a furor when D'Souza ran an article in FORBES that they didn't bother to fact check till after publication.

The third take came, though, when I arrived at the credit line at the bottom of the editorial, where I was informed that D'Souza is now the president of The King's College in New York. Last I checked, Mr. D'Souza held no advanced degrees. He has spent most of his years in various conservative think tanks, though to judge from his published works little thinking was going on. This is someone who (just take a gander at his earlier book THE END OF RACISM and check up on a few of his footnotes) simply cannot be trusted to represent sources fairly and accurately. On his last visit to Penn State University, he told an auditorium full of students that the Bill of Rights doesn't apply to non-citizen aliens, an assertion that would certainly come as news to even our current conservative Supreme Court. For that matter, if "persons" within the borders of the United States and subject to its laws do not have access to the protections offered by the Bill of Rights it's difficult to fathom why some conservatives want to rewrite the Fourteenth Amendment to remove such protections from them.

But the 450 students of The King's College now have this sterling example of scholarly integrity to lead them into the future. I suspect at the least he will have little difficulty raising funds.

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