Thursday, March 10, 2011

Louisville - Day III

2011 turned out to be the year people showed up reading poems off of their smart phones.

I rolled out of bed early to catch the bus over to the University of Louisville campus to make that first session, chaired by Barrett Watten, on American Poetics of Relational Space. A bit later I chaired a panel with papers by Scott Pound, Lisa Hollenbach and Rebecca Steffy on Kenny Goldsmith, Myung Mi Kim and David Antin respectively. The conference wrapped with a keynote by Jose Saldivar, who managed to find something new to say about Junot Diaz, just as the conference program found a new way to spell the author's name.

Then it was all over but the wrap party, at Alan Golding's house as usual, and featuring the by now eagerly anticipated annual marathon reading of poetry from conference participants.

Recordings from this year's readings will appear on Penn Sound shortly.

You will note that his blog entry includes two photos that could not have been taken by me. They come, in order, from the cameras of Scott Pound and Norman Finkelstein. Thanks guys!

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Anonymous said...

It seems to be your policy to not identify people? I mean, it's nice to see faces, but who is who??