Friday, November 11, 2011

Pre-Game Jitters

We take solace where we can find it. This week, one of the only sources of pride I've been able to find at Penn State has come from the students. Several groups of students, entirely on their own initiative and prior to the decisions of the Trustees, began organizing a drive for students attending tomorrow's Penn State/Nebraska game to wear blue rather than the usual white, as a symbol of their support for the victims of child abuse. I don't have tickets for the game; still, I'll be wearing blue all day.

But now I read this on the TMZ web site:

"Multiple sources connected with the football team tell TMZ ... coaches held a meeting with players today and told them their friends and family should show support for ousted coach Joe Paterno by wearing white to the game on Saturday."

TMZ has been wrong about things before; I pray that this report proves unfounded. If it is true, though, the entire coaching staff should be fired, before the game.

I'm sorry, but there is no excuse for seizing upon this moment and wresting it from the good-hearted students who are trying to bring a modicum of dignity back to our university.

Tonight? I'm taking my candle and walking out into the darkness of the campus night, looking for an honest man.

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