Tuesday, May 22, 2012

John (Cory) Sununu?

You wouldn't know it watching the news today, but the Romney campaign had its own surrogate-gate episode this morning.  While the media are still (rightly in my opinion) raking Mayor Booker across the coals, they seem to be giving a free pass to John Sununu.

Sununu is one of the major spokesmen for the Romney campaign, which should strike anybody with any short term memory at all as an odd choice. Romney, campaigning as the fiscally responsible candidate and denouncing the supposed profligacy of the President, has chosen as the public face of his campaign a man who was forced out of the Bush administration in the midst of scandals caused by his abuse and misuse of taxpayer funds.  John Sununu received a "recommendation" from President Bush that he should resign in 1991.  This after stories broke about his constant use of government funds for personal travel.  Among the exhibits, an $83,000 sking trip to Vail, Colorado.  And then there was the time he took a government limousine to New York (and sent it back to D.C. empty) so that he could attend a stamp auction; he returned on a corporate jet.

So, this is the guy Romney's people selected to represent their candidate in a press call this morning to rebut the Obama campaign's recent ads and statements on Bain Capital, which he did.  But in the course of his remarks he stated, "I think the Bain record as a whole is fair game."

So there you have it -- One of Romney's biggest surrogates, the big spender John Sununu, has invited us to look at the Bain record (honestly, he insists, and we agree) as a whole -- So let's hear no more from Romney (or from Booker) about how inappropriate such inspection is -- It's central to Romney's record.  Let's give Bain a scrupulous, honest, and lingering inspection.

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