Saturday, January 24, 2015

New from Lisa Jarnot

Here's the treasure I carried away from the SPD booth at this year's MLA in Vancouver, this beautiful book from Lisa Jarnot with art works by Emilie Clark.  It was Lisa's name that caught my attention first, of course -- been reading her for years -- but the other thing that made me pick this up and hold it was the beautiful book design. This thing reminds me of nothing so much as those children's story books I didn't much read as a child. (I went for the larger hardback books on science or containing Sci Fi fiction in those days.) Solid Objects press has done a great job with this simply as a solid object. It is a delight to hold, to turn the pages; the colors are rendered gorgeously.  And the poetry's playful meters may also remind you of children's verse, if only the children's verse I got in school had been this interesting. (It was only in my adolescence that I stumbled across the more interesting children's verse, still well worth reading in my teens.)

Into the eve of a picnic of trees of the strawberry rabbit tyrone
into a glazed economic disturbance caused by the rain most dramatic and strange
small whole moon in the sky    fishlike in semblance
as damp as an amphibrach the anthony braxton gland of ant launch

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