Friday, April 21, 2006


Many readers are aware that I am married to the here depicted Anna Everett. No brag, just fact, as my elders said back in the day before I was an elder. Today I'd like to spread the word about a long-term project of Anna's, the new journal SCREENING NOIR. The project began many years ago as a newsletter within the Society for Cinema and Media Studies. It is now a refereed publication sponsored by the University of California at Santa Barbara, where Anna is the chair of the Department of Cinema and Media Studies. The publication bills itself as a "Journal of Black Film, Television & New Media Culture," and the first issue is a special number on the theme of Blaxploitation Revisited. This special number addresses everything from the adaptation of Sam Greenlee's novel THE SPOOK WHO SAT BY THE DOOR to black cast kung fu movies. Contributors to the inaugural issue include Amy Ongiri (who I saw just a few weeks ago at the Black Arts conference at Howard U), Christine Acham, Novotny Lawrence, Eric Pierson and many more, even interviews with Melvin and Mario Van Peebles.

Along with the first issue of the journal, the editorial board is circulating a call for submissions. This is "a new African diasporic media culture journal" and its call is as encompassing as that description: Hollywood films, computer and video games, Nollywood film, animation, spectatorship etc. Information about submissions and subscriptions may be found at:

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