Monday, April 12, 2010

CLA 2010

The glad occasion of the annual meeting of the College Language Association is also the anniversary of this blog, which had its origins in a hotel room in Birmingham, Alabama. Since getting a smart phone, I'm too cheap to spend the money on hotel internet access, and so I waited till I returned to Penn State to post these photos from the conference.

My room this year was in a hotel overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge, and yes, I would buy that thing for the right price. Brooklyn College was our host, and the reception took place on their campus, in a room I'd last been in for the Larry Neal conference a couple years back.

The conference itself was, as always, useful and inspiring -- My only complaint: not nearly enough work on poetry. But there will be more, judging from the response to Howard Rambsy's report on his recent project, which involves sharing the sixty volumes of contemporary poetry he's collected since 2001 with a wide variety of students and community members.

The annual Langston Hughes Society luncheon featured a performance of a one-man show built out of the texts of the Simple stories.

Next year's conference will return to South Carolina, as Warren Carson takes over the CLA presidency, bringing the meeting to the quite literally named University of South Carolina Upstate. Watch the CLA web site for the call for papers and other information about the organization.

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