Thursday, June 07, 2012


That would be Dr. Pierrot on the right.  The younger person is Chloe Pierrot, who seems quite pleased with her father's response to her penetrating question about Aphra Behn. Greg's dissertation takes up the emergence and evolution of the trope of the Black Avenger in Atlantic cultures.

We ran into our colleague Kevin Bell over at the Nittany Lion and he joined in our celebration.  As did an enthusiastic Chloe, and a woman whose name is, according to Chloe, "Chloe's Mommie."  Hi Katie!

Paul Youngquist's laptop offering its congratulations to the new PhD.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

ALA Days 3 & 4

Saturday got off to a fresh start with papers on Frederick Douglass, Thomas Dixon and Oscar Micheaux. I left that one and walked into a panel on the New York School poets.  Then it was time for my own panel, the third in the Gil Scott-Heron series, this time with Tyrone Williams and Tony Bolden, chaired by my colleague Shirley Moody-Turner. Afraid I forgot to take any photos or record that one.  Ah well,,,,,  The evening was capped with a reading by Lorna Dee Cervantes, who has just published Ciento, a volume of 100 100 word love poems.  (When my ear  hears that title, my skeptic's brain hears "lo siento.") -- Dinner that night with Tyrone Williams and Evie Shockley.


Despite which I managed to attend all three sessions on the final morning.  Good to see Joe Weixlmann, newly escaped from administrative duties.  I ended my conference by attending a quite good panel titled "Reading Race in Contemporary Culture." Interesting title; hmmmmmm . . .

That last session title seems to have emerged from the San Francisco recomposition room . . .